Coldfinger: the man with the Raynaud's touch

For many years now I have been engaged in an epic quest to find the perfect winter glove. As you can see this mission has been going on for some time…'s tips for riding on ice and snow

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Before you set off…

Maximise your contact patch. Road bike tyres have a larger contact patch on the road than a more knobbly mountain bike tyre, and you can maximise that precious contact further by fitting a wider tyre, and/or not running it at quite such a high pressure. That said, in snow or looser conditions a treaded tyre or even a lightly knobbed MTB or cyclocross tyre will give extra grip.

How to keep your feet warm this winter

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Do you feel the cold in your feet on a ride? Unless you have exceptionally good circulation, you’re bound to feel the cold in your feet at some point during the winter. Your feet don’t have to work hard when you’re cycling, and the body can very quickly divert blood away from your toes to other parts of your body that need it more.

Buyer's guide to base layers

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You can’t build a house without first building solid foundations, and it’s the same when dressing for winter cycling; it all starts with a decent base layer.

To combat the cold of the winter you wear more layers, and arguably the most important layer is a base layer. How many layers you wear over the top is down to riding conditions, temperature, weather, duration, intensity and personal preference. Start with a good base layer, a sound investment for any cyclist, and you’re off to a good start to cycling happily through the winter.

Riding the Performance Cycles Winter Mini-sportive

Sunday morning dawned grey and overcast and quite chilly, but that didn’t deter over 150 people from turning out for the second Performance Cycles Winter Mini-sportive Series event.

A roundup of the latest winter cycle clothing from Rapha, howies, Gore, Bioracer, Isadore and Vulpine

With the temperature rapidly, and rather suddenly, dropping this week it's been a hurried dive into the depth of the wardrobe for the warm winter cycle clothing to keep insulated on the commute to work or training ride. Some cycle clothing manufacturers have been busy developing new winter clothing this year, so here's a roundup of some of the newest clothing designed to keep you warm and dry when out on the bike this winter.


First look: Sugoi winter jackets including Zap reflective jacket

Sugoi is a Canadian company, owned by Cannondale, with a highly regarded reputation for producing winter clothing that performs well when the temperature plummets along with good fit and sizes, and pretty good prices. They’ve been expanding their presence across the UK in recent years, and now boast 55 dealers, meaning it’s easier than ever to get your hands on the clothing.

Parentini launches Mossa weatherproof jersey

Parentini is an Italian cycle clothing brand started back in 1976 and based in Pisa, and once supplied clothing for Giuseppe Saronni, who won the world cycling championship in 1982 held at Goodwood along with Milan-San Remo and stages of the Giro d’Italia.

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