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Rapha & Raeburn launch city cycling collection

Rapha have launched a limited edition collection of city cycling clothing with designers Christopher and Graeme Raeburn, this Wind Jacket being made from recycled military parachute canopies. The prices are going to make a lot of you whistle through your teeth.

Cyclist Graeme Raeburn is product designer at Rapha while his brother, Christopher Raeburn, is a well-known fashion designer who uses re-appropriated military fabrics in his work… hence the nylon parachute canopy fabric that’s used for the front and back panels here.

Surface Hydrophobic Wool Jacket


Nice jacket, this. I'm just not sure it's a great cycling jacket. Everything positive I want to say about it I have to qualify with a niggle.

Muxu Ride shirt


Although it doesn’t look cycle-specific to the untrained eye, the Ride shirt is a good choice for scooting around city streets in summer.

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