UCI Stakeholder Consultation

UCI overhauls race calendar and introduces promotion and relegation

The UCI has revealed that it is to scrap the WorldTour and will instead introduce a three-tier system of promotion and relegation from the 2015 season onwards, with a first division of 16 teams, a second division of eight teams, and a third tier comprising the current continental tours.

UCI Stakeholder Consultation: Deloitte makes 6 'crucial' recommendations to ensure cycling's future

Auditing and consultancy firm Deloitte has today outlined what it sees as six ‘crucial’ recommendations to underpin the future of cycling, including restructuring the professional cycling calendar, improving the relationship between the UCI and the World Anti-Doping Agency, and that consideration be given to creating a doping amnesty to help restore the sport’s credibility.

UCI approaches WADA on truth and reconciliation, updates on Stakeholder Consultation

World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) president John Fahey has revealed that the UCI has written to him to him regarding the possibility of establishing a truth and reconciliation commission, an issue that led to a public falling out between the two organisations last month. The news coincided with the UCI announcing further details of the Stakeholder Consultation it is holding into the future of cycling, announced last November.

UCI announces 'Four Pillars of Cycling' for Stakeholder Consultation… fans get a say too through Facebook & Twitter

The UCI has published a document outlining what it calls the 'Four Pillars' of cycling which will form the basis of its recently announced stakeholder consultation. The topics, each of which will also consider the wider issue of the governance of the sport, are Globalisation, Anti-Doping, Riders, and Sports Calendar. Fans will get to have their say too, through Twitter and Facebook, says the UCI, which has also revealed that auditors KPMG have been instructed to carry out an independent review of the organisation's own governance.

UCI asks for feedback on future of cycling… but stakeholders need to get skates on

The UCI has revealed that it has written to “all of cycling’s stakeholders” to ask for feedback on its recently announced Stakeholder Consultation – though it has given them less than a week to respond, hardly time for any considered ideas to be formed, and its definition of “stakeholder” isn’t all-encompassing, excluding for example media and fans alike.

UCI announces 'stakehholder consultation' on the future of cycling

It was a busy day for the UCI today, no doubt trying to get their desks clear for the weekend, cycling's world governing body not only announced details of the independent commission to look in to the questions raised by the USADA investigation in to Lance Armstrong, but also announced a new year consultation exercise with cycling's "stakeholders".

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