Help shape the future of road cycling tyres with a quick R&D survey for Mavic

Have your say about your tyres and the tyres you’d like to be able to buy in the future with a quick R&D survey from Mavic.

The company will use all the data received to evaluate customers’ expectations when riding on the road - and it might just result in some improved products.

The survey, which you can find here, checks out a few essentials about your weight and riding style, before asking about your experience of your regular tyres in various conditions.

Tread the fine print

Those graphic designer types are partial to knocking up a bit of cycle related art and this series of “Tread” posters from Intercity is another addition to that proliferate relationship. The series comprises of four prints patterned with tyre tread footprints, covering the disciplines of BMX, cyclo-cross, MTB and road cycling.

Continental launch new cyclo-cross tyre range

Continental has expanded its cyclo-cross tyre range in time for the current race season with the launch of the new CycloX-King and Mountain KingCX cyclo-cross tyres. Both are available primarily as clinchers and offered with the company’s BlackChilli rubber compound, which they use across their road and mountain bike range.

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Tyres - quick poll - wider up front, or in the rear?

Thread prompted by a comment earlier on - can I poll road.cc members, which way round they put their tyres? (I'm a bit obsessed with rolling rubber!).

jackh wrote:
25 or 28mm or perhaps a combination of both f/r are perfect for most people.

Indeed - but which way round? IIRC i read an article advocating the wider tyre up front to help with cornering, with the narrower at the back. Where was it?

Oh - as always, it's Sheldon Brown -


"Mixing/Matching Tyres" section makes the case for both:

" Narrower Front, Wider Rear

FS: Mavic Cosmic Elite 2012 wheelset, Ultegra cassette, Conti GP4000s

For sale are my 12 month old Mavic Cosmic Elite wheel set. They were my first major upgrade and worth every penny; super smooth, stiff and the bladed spokes with 30mm aero rim look great. I've since got a complete new bike with some ksyrium elites, so these are no longer needed. They're perfect as a first upgrade or as a set of training wheels; fast and very durable. Still in excellent condition, they've been meticulously maintained and run perfectly true. Includes Mavic QR skewers. £180

Also available are the tyres, tubes and cassette:

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre

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Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres are essentially heavy duty, ultra reliable commu-touring tyres that inspire unprecedented confidence without feeling sluggish or barge-like, as the 970g weight for a pair would imply.

What to do with old tyres?

I seem to be hoarding old bike tyres, I feel bad just for binning them and think they may be useful at some point. I know its not the same but car tyre disposal is paid for as I assume they are not just put them into landfill.

So, does anyone have any inventive uses for old tyres?

Shed roof waterproofing?
Child proofing sharp corners?
Loops in garage to hang bikes from?
Sell 2nd hand to turbo training masochists?

Michelin Pro4 Service Course

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Fast, light, grippy and impressively durable, Michelin's latest top-level Pro4 Service Course tyres are perfect for summer racing and training.

Michelin revamped its road clincher tyre range at the end of last year with the introduction of the new Pro4, a range which now encompasses tyres for a range of conditions. They save the best for the Service Course though, the lightest and fastest tyres.

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