Get on your bike - it's healthy, says Turkish President... then jumps in his car after 1km on custom made bike

The Turkish President has taken the country’s cycling revolution into his own hands at the 51st Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, where he said that bikes should be cheaper and infrastructure should be improved across the country.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke in Istanbul, where he said that in Turkey the bike was not yet cherished as a mode of transport.

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London, UK to Sydney, Australia in 2011

I'm planning a mammoth cycle quest from London to Sydney in 2011.

My objective is to leave in Sept/Oct 2011 and cycle though west and east Europe in to Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India across to Malayisa/Thailand by boat and down to Singapore to fly to Darwin for the last leg through the middle of Australia and in to Sydney..

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