Traitor 2011

Traitor Luggernaut 3 Speed


The Traitor Luggernaut 3spd is on-trend on two fronts, with its lugged steel frame and Sturmey Archer hub for clean retro looks with gearing options. It's a good all-rounder too, happy to be pressed into service as a sturdy do-it-all machine, and it doesn't shy away from winter-ravaged roads and unsurfaced excursions. The bike's let down a bit by the savage drop bars and average brakes and saddle, but those are quick fixes and overall it's an enjoyable urban runaround that'll handle the longer haul too.

Just in: Traitor Luggernaut

If you're anything like me then your first experience of a hub-geared bike was a Raleigh Grifter, and after the middle gear had slipped and you'd bashed your knee on the stem for the 68th time you swore you'd never get another one. Skip to the now, though, and they're suddenly back in vogue, mainly because they're a cracking low-maintenance gearing option for an everyday bike. It's no surprise that just over the channel in the low countries, where they take everyday cycling seriously, they never went away.

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