New kit from SKS, Abus, Altura, Torq, Etxeondo, Panaracer and Cateye at the Zyro 2014 Show

Major UK distributor Zyro showed off their 2014 range to the cycle industry and the press in London yesterday. Zyro handle Cateye, Altura, Abus, Torq, Etxeondo, Panaracer and SKS, among many other brands. Here are the highlights…

Torq release Raspberry Ripple flavour gel

Torq have just announced Raspberry Ripple, the latest flavour in the range of gels. It joins Forest Fruits, Banoffee, Rhubarb and Custard, Orange and Banana, Black Cherry Yoghurt and Strawberry Yoghurt.

The 45g gel uses the same 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose blend that Torq use in all their other gels, and is claimed by the company to be the optimal carbohydrate blend. They don’t use any artificial sweeteners or colours.

Torq release Hot Cocoa Recovery Plus+

Torq continue to expand their range of energy and recovery products and the latest offering is Hot Cocoa Recovery Plus+, a daily recovery drink, and a re-formulated Recovery with a new mandarin yoghurt flavour.

Torq Recovery Plus+ is a Hot Cocoa drink designed for periods of intense training stress and is intended to be consumed twice daily. It forms part of Torq's new Recovery System which attempts to make the whole business of fuelling, hydrating and recovering from races and rides a no-brainer process.

Torq energy bars updated with new recipe

Torq's energy bars, first introduced in 2004 and the product that launched the company, have been improved with a revised recipe. There's also new packaging and they're now a smaller size.

Smaller size? Torq have decreased the size of the new bars from 65g to 45g. This has been done for a very good reason though, as now with 30g of of carbohydrate, the bars offer the same energy contents as a Torq gel or 500ml energy drink.

He That Is Mighty, Hath Done Tired Things To Me… on the Magnificat preview ride

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It’s a fresh Spring morning and the only thing troubling the sky is the welcome return of the aircraft contrails, it’s going to be a good day. It’s going to be an even better day for a big bike ride.

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