5 interesting things from Taipei Cycle

We've done a lot of legwork today pounding the halls of Taipei Cycle and here are five of the most eyecatching products and services that we spotted.

ControlTech Affilado integrated carbon seatpost/saddle

ControlTech revealed the Affilado integrated carbon seatpost/saddle a few months ago but this is the first time that we’ve seen it in the flesh.

Update! Taipei Cycle 2015: Lezyne launches 3-unit GPS range

Our Mat is out in Taipei at the moment and he Skyped us from a cocktail party (this really happened) to let us know about the new range of GPS computers that Lezyne are announcing today. He's dedicated, is Mat. Both to the imparting of great tech news and the imbibing of vodka and tonic.

Video: Lucky escape of cyclist in Taiwan caught on film

A woman in Taiwan had a very lucky escape when a motorist drove through a pedestrian crossing as she rode across it. The car struck her bike, but missed the cyclist, who landed on her feet, by inches with the driver swerving an instant before the collision.

The incident was caught by a dashcam in another vehicle, with the timestamp revealing the footage was captured on the morning of 16 January.

Taiwan fines hundreds of drunk cyclists under draconian new drunk cycling laws

Hundreds of cyclists have been fined in Taiwan under harsh new drunk-cycling rules.

Between April 1, when the law banning drunken cycling came into effect, and November 30, 607 cyclists were given fines of NT$300-NT$600 (US$9-US$19).

The punishment is a lot less steep than for motorists (NT$15,000-90,000 (US$47-$2,800)) but there is a NT$1,200 (US$38) for refusing a breath or blood test.

Taipei City Government considers insurance for bike hire scheme riders following cyclist death

The City Government of Taipei is to provide accident insurance to users of its bike hire scheme, following the death of a rider this week.

Cyclists in the city have jumped in numbers by about 25 per cent since 2011 and the YouBike hire scheme has proven popular.

The proposed insurance will cover third party claims made by those towards whom the cyclist might be liable, but will not cover injuries to the rider.

Bike-powered 3D printer turns plastic cups into bike parts

Cycling is often seen as a universal pasttime, a sort of social leveller. So perhaps the bike-powered 3D printer is the perfect example of bringing technology to the masses.

Fabraft, a  a Taiwanese design factory, has created a bike-powered 3-D printer which breaks down plastic cups to make bike parts, with the aim being recycling plastic and making technology more accessible to ordinary people.

Taipei Cycle: New products from Culprit, Santini & Birzman + bonus lugged wooden bike

It's day three of Taipei Cycle and we've found new products from Birzman, Santini and Culprit. Here are the highlights...



First up, bike manufacturer Culprit, who have modified their Croz Blade aero road bike.


ColT's picture

Ever Fancied Riding a Sportive in Taiwan?

There's one that goes to the top of the highest proper road in South East Asia (3,275m). I wrote about it here:


Danny Macaskill in Taiwan

Just came across this awesome video with Danny Macaskill doing tricks in Taiwan.


Anyone been to Taiwan before? Looks awesome.

Birzman reveal new products

The Birzman designers have been busy adding loads of new products to the range. Here are the highlights that we saw at Taipei Cycle last week…

First up, this is the Red Dot design award winning Zacoo Tiny-Tanker that’s in the 2013 range at £59.99.

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