rucksack cover

LEDWear Rucksack Cover


The LEDwear Rucksack Cover is a sensible addition to any commuter's kit giving you the added visibility that comes from the built-in LEDs and decent amounts of reflective material to boot.

The pack cover will happily engulf medium sized rucksacks and packs that range up to around the 35 litre mark, but this would depend to a certain degree on the shape of your pack, so try first if possible.

Respro Hump P15 illuminated backpack cover


The P15 is the deluxe version of Respro’s justly popular hump rucksack cover incorporating not only waterproof materials and retina burning Scotchlite detailing but integrated electro luminescent lighting strips for maximum visibility. However, electrics preclude machine washing so mud mariners would be better served by the less sophisticated model.

Respro Hi-Viz Hump Rucksack cover


The hump is a waterproof Hi-Viz cover designed to fit over rucksacks and panniers with 40 litre capacities. Sizing seems pretty universal and fitting couldn’t be simpler (although proved a struggle on some panniers and older hydration packs). Roll the hump over the bag, secure the elastic webbing in a cross formation and pop the press-studs together.

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