Roller Winter League

Rollapaluza comes to Herne Hill this Wednesday - can you beat Dave Legrys?

The penultimate round of the current Rollapaluza winter roller-race league takes place this Wednesday 3 February at the Half Moon pub in Herne Hill.

The pub is a regular haunt of South London’s cyclists, including those visiting the nearby velodrome, and the fastest riders from the evening’s racing will get the chance to compete in the National Finale against the top riders from around the UK who have taken part in other events in the series.

Big week of Rollapaluza action

The final event of Rollapaluza's winter league is this Wednesday in what the orgainisers reckon is the finest venue of the series so far, the Reliance Square Studios which will have secure bike-parking and in a Rollapaluza first, showers!

Prizes for the overall competion will be supplied by Aussie accessories brand Knog, with over £800 worth of prizes including Pig Dog courier bags, and a set of lights for each winner. There will also be prizes for the fastest overall time as well as a few surprises and give-aways.

Rollapaluza track league continues

The Rollapaluza Winter League kicks off again this week at the Horse Shoe pub in Clerkenwell just to make it doubly interesting this round is a double distance event – racers will be doing their thing over a kilometre sprint rather than the usual 500m.

If a kilometre seem more of a marathon than a sprint, don't worry racing will be over the normal distance in the next round.

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