Vision TC24 Wheels Review

There often seems very little real world reviews of components so here is an honest review of my latest wheelset. 1st post so I will give you some background of the type of riding I do and experience. I have cycled most of my life including 10 years as a courier in London. I now road race(currently 3rd Cat) and cover about 320km a week av. I weigh about 80kg(6ft 3) Mechanically I am pretty good and rarely hand my bike to a shop, just for headset and BB bearing pressing, and wheel tensioning.

Scapin bike

Hi everyone,
I m a newbie.Just taking up cycling this year.
Would appreciate if any one ever heard of scarpin brand.
Ive did a research but cant find the review of this model: Scarpin Karbon S4.

Im welcoming any info,thanks

Veho Muvi HD10 bundle


The Veho Muvi HD10 is a full HD camera with a waterproof case, an LCD screen and a remote control. It's overkill for recording the daily commute but a really versatile option if you like filming your riding, or other outdoor activities.

First things first: you're bound to want to know how it stacks up against the GoPro Hero HD, so here's a quick rundown. The image quality isn't quite as good, but there's not a great deal in it, and the Muvi comes with more stuff and it's cheaper. There.

Deuter Essential Bike bag pannier


This classy bag from German luggage masters Deuter is almost the perfect companion for well-heeled commuters. Not so great if you want to stick a laptop in with your sandwiches though.

I was initially sceptical - the bag looked too small to be properly useful to me, but the main compartment extends once unzipped and has loads of space. It certainly passes the 'pair of shoes and assorted gubbins' test.

It's here!

After a week or so of badgering Tony and Dave, my blog is live and kicking on So welcome aboard and hopefully it wont take you long to get onto my warped wavelength. I am taking todays blog as my audition and having read the "want to write" instructions down the left hand side of the page, I am going to use the 200 odd word review suggested as my opening gambit. [i]"I want to write on and here is my review of the site promoting jersey I got for Christmas. My partner is so anti-argyle it isn't true.

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