Recovery drink

Sponser Recovery shake


We've tested various products from Swiss manufacturer Sponser Sport Food, mostly aimed at providing energy during a ride. Sponser Recovery Shake, as the name suggests, is designed for use after a ride, with a mix of proteins and carbohydrates plus various minerals and vitamins to help your muscles rebuild and recover.

Lucozade Recovery StickPack 24x38g


Recovery is very much the buzz word in sports nutrition these days Lucozade are very much on that bandwagon with an expensive marketing campaign led by Steven Gerrard and a range of powders and bars that includes this Recovery Protein and Carb drink.

Zipvit ZV3 recovery drink


This stuff is great – our favourite product in the ZipVit range. What you’re getting with the ZV3 recovery drink is an excellent blend of carbohydrate and protein, along with various vitamins and minerals, to improve your recovery after training and maintain your immune system.

A 70g serving provides you with 20g of protein – mostly in the form of whey protein – to promote muscle repair, and 43.2g of carbs – mostly in the form of easily digestible maltodextrin – to refuel your energy tanks, essentially.

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