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Do I need a new rear mech?

My old Bryan Rourke Reynolds 531 with a Campagnolo group set has got a problem with the rear mech. It could be that the spring has gone so it is not dropping to the appropriate level and the chain is hanging loose. Can I just replace the spring or do I need a new rear mech?

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Shimano Groupset Parts

I recently broke down my old winter bike as some parts were beyond use.

The parts that remain are for sale for pretty cheap.

105 Brake Calipers (Pair) with Ashima Aero Pads [SOLD]
£10 Individually
£17 As Pair

Ultegra Double Front Mechs (both bolt on)
£10 Each
£17 For Both

Ultegra Rear Mech SS 10-speed [SOLD]

105 Shifters Double / 10speed [SOLD]
£15 Individually
£27 As Pair

Shimano Dura-Ace rear mech


There are a couple of big changes out back. First, you get a carbon pulley plate that brings down the weight (16g overall). Second, the new rear mech is compatible with cassettes up to 28T. The total capacity (the tooth difference between the two chainrings plus the tooth difference between the biggest and smallest sprockets) is now 33T – so you’re unlikely to feel the need for a triple.

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