Video: BMXer rides over Lamborghini - but owner unfazed

The owner of a Lamborghini that a BMX rider rode over while it was parked outside a restaurant in Portland, Oregon, says he isn’t too bothered by the stunt – though he hopes the cyclist won’t repeat it.

Footage of Josh Navarro performing the trick last Saturday went viral after he posted it to his Instagram account, and it was picked up by news outlets worldwide.

It happened outside the Jake’s Famous Crawfish restaurant where the car’s owner, Kelly Howard, is a regular.

Speedvagen adds disc brakes to latest road and cyclocross models

Hailing from Portland, that hotbed of cycling culture and frame building, are Speedvagen. For 2015 they have introduced new disc-equipped road and cyclocross models, available in stock and custom builds.

Low-cost bike detector could revolutionise city planning

A software developer in Portland Oregon has come up with an inexpensive traffic-counting device that could revolutionise planners' understanding of bike movements in cities.

Bike Portland reports that the city is planning to buy 200 of the $50 electronic traffic sensors from a company founded by app designer William Henderson.

Making music while you ride: Portland proposes groovy 'Sonic Cycle Lane'

Cyclists may one day be able to generate their own music as they ride along a ‘sonic bike path’ forming part of a proposed cycle lane on a bridge over the Wilamette River in Portland, Oregon.

Trek Portland


Trek's Portland urban crosser has hokey cokeyed in and out of their UK range over the past few years like some particularly over exuberant regular down at the Queen Vic, this year it's in and it 'd going to be shaking it all about with the likes of the Specialized Tricross and the Genesis Croix de Fer. Trek say the Portland is a tough, traffic proof and a capable of load lugger which with its mudguards as standard will always get you to work looking your best. So, how does road.cc’s experience with the Portland compare to the marketing blurb?

Pretty well it turns out.

Portland cycling movie 'Veer' to be shown in Bristol

A cinema is to mark Bristol's Cycling City status this Saturday by screening cycling films and hosting a pedal-powered party.

The Cube cinema in Kingsdown is showing ‘Veer’, a documentary about the cycle scene and bike culture in Portland, USA. Featuring an array of cycle culture that includes bike jousting, cycle chariot racing, tall bikes and ‘zoo bombing’, the film has proven to be hugely popular with cyclists around the world.

The night will also mark the debut of female mini bike display team ‘Les Velobicis’.

Petrol price drop hits Portland the US cycling city

A recent study has concluded that one of America's foremost cycling cities has seen a decrease in bike riding.

The study conducted in Portland, Oregon, found that cyclists made five per cent fewer trips last year in than in 2008—the first dip in ridership since record keeping began in 1995.

Boost for UK cycling as Halfords posts sales increase

Evidence that we might – just might – be turning into a nation of cyclists comes with a big increase in the sales of bikes at Halfords.

The cycle and car maintenance retailer says its full-year earnings are expected to be towards the upper end of market expectations, with cycling generating a very impressive 15 per cent like-for-like sales growth over 39 weeks to January 1.

Group revenues in the same period rose by 2.8 per cent, with UK revenues going up by 1.6 per cent.

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