Just in: Speedplay's minimalist Zero Pavé pedals

These are Speedplay’s brand new Zero Pavé pedals, a race-tuned pedal developed for the demands of the Spring Classics, where the weather can often be a factor with equipment choices. It’s fair to say the new pedals have been thoroughly tested before their public release, Fabian Cancellara used a pair when he won Paris-Roubaix way back in 2006.

Speedplay launch Zero Pavé pedals

Speedplay have finally launched the Zero Pavé pedals, an even more minimalist version of their already minimalist Zero pedal design. We say "finally" because pros have been using this pedals since as far back as 2006, when Fabian Cancellara won Paris-Roubaix.

Garmin Vector power meter pedals

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It took a long time to arrive but Garmin's Vector power meter is straightforward to install (as long as you have the right tools) and to use, giving you the opportunity to gauge your left and right leg contribution along with overall power measurement.

What you get

In the box, you get a pair of Look Kéo-compatible pedals (the pedal bodies are made by Exustar) and a pair of pedal pods that process the data from the strain gauges and accelerometers in the pedals, and transmit it via ANT+.

Look launch Kéo Blade 2 pedals + video

Look have launched a new version of their Kéo Blade pedal that’s lighter than before, with a lower stack height and a larger cleat contact area. Look also say that the Kéo Blade 2 has better aerodynamics.

Garmin release Vector power meter + video

Garmin have finally released their Vector pedal-based power meter, and we have the system in for review at

We first told you about the Vector pedals when we saw them at Eurobike 2011, nearly two years ago. Put simply, you fit the pedals and their accompanying pedal pods to your cranks, and you get power measurements displayed and recorded on your Garmin computer (or another compatible computer that uses ANT+ wireless sensor network technology).

Help. Northwave Fighter or Mavic Avenge

Any help would be much appreciated.

I convinced myself that the Northwave fighter shoes were the ones i was after but have just stumbled across the mavic avenge which look great also.

Both are getting good reviews but i really can't make my mind up.

Also im probably going to be fitting the look keo classics partly because the bikes in the velodrome have look keo's and i prefer to wear my own shoes.
What's everyones thoughts on the exustar pedals instead of the look's

they seem to do the job but are half the price. too good to be true?



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