re the pic attached. Just bought a Bianchi Infinito. The headset has an open hole. I would normally expect a blanking cover or screw as I've had with past FSA headsets. Seems odd to me that it's just an open hole that can fill with grit, water etc. Can't find a clear picture on the net to confirm if this is how it should be. Anyone have one? Is there a bit missing or am I being silly?

FSA Orbit headset: now in colour!

Okay it's not the most exciting bit of news we've ever posted: Dan at FSA distibutors Windwave started his email with "it's hard to imagine a more important yet inconspicuous bicycle component than the headset", and we'd tend to agree, especially about the inconspicuous bit. But your FSA Orbit MX headset can be a little bit less inconspicuous now, because you can have it in a range of gaudy anodised colours.

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