oneten Altitude bib shorts

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Oneten's Altitude bibshorts continue the theme of value and quality we've seen from company's other products. At just £32 they are some of the cheapest on the market.

OneTen Primavera Long Sleeve Jersey


The Primavera long sleeve jersey from OneTen aims to tackle those days when it's too warm for a jacket but too nippy for summer kit; British weather really. A technical piece of clothing, every panel's material seems to have been considered and applied to best effect.

OneTen is a new brand for me so off to the 'about us' I went. The company specifically aims to apply brain power over tradition when designing their kit, to create items that work in all the right places. The jersey feels different to any long sleeve I've used in the past.

OneTen Pioggia Shell


To combat the elements in the last few weeks I've had the Oneten Pioggia Shell jacket, the in-house clothing brand from distributor Hotlines. Don't be deceived by first impressions - despite its lightweight construction and minimal feel, the jacket is fit for purpose.

OneTen Pioggia Vest


Deciding what to wear at this time of year can be determined by what you can cram into your pockets/rucksack. The Oneten Pioggia Vest is an ideal companion for any ride, as this versatile gilet not only offers great wind protection but is super light and packs down really well.

OneTen Intimo Seamless long sleeve base layer


The OneTen Intimo Seamless long sleeve base layer is a really stretchy, fast drying base layer that provides sufficient warmth to be useful right through the winter.

The Intimo is mostly polypropylene with enough elastane in there to provide loads of stretch. It's cut long in the body and sleeves so there's no danger of any exposed skin when you're on the bike and you get quite a high neck to keep the cold air out.

OneTen Primo Bib Knickers


OneTen is this in-house clothing brand from distributor Hotlines and when they launched their winter range last month the Primo Bib Knickers instantly stood out. It's important to keep your knees wrapped up in the autumn (I can't stress the importance of this enough) and bib knickers, or three-quarters as they're sometimes called, do a very good job of insulating your knee joints.

OneTen reveal latest winter range

We've been impressed with the clothing from OneTen, Hotlines' house brand first launched last year, with the Giro Short Sleeve Jersey and Intimo Short Sleeve Base Layer receiving good reviews. This year the range expands some new cold weather clothing, here's a first look.

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