Now sold: Oakley M-Frames Black with 5 Lenses £60

For sale, One pair of Oakley M-Frames in solid black, well worn but perfectly usable, comes with soft vault case, lens cloth and 5 lenses as follows

Black Iridium strike- very good condition
Violet Iridium heater vented - OK
Red +ve Iridium sweep - small surfaces scratches and some delamination
VR-28 strike - surface scratches
Orange Persimmon heater - some deep scratches.

£60 + Postage

Paypal please

Oakley Radar Path Photochromic eyewear


Oakley Radar Path sunglasses with light-sensitive lenses are so comfortable you can hardly tell you're wearing glasses. The photochromic lenses make them spot on for all but the gloomiest or persistently bright conditions and deal for changeable light. They're a sound investment in versatile eye comfort.

Oakley Jawbone with Transition lenses


Oakley have been around cycling nearly as long as I have. Transitions adaptive lenses are a more recent innovation. What, you wonder, might a combination of Oakley Jawbones and Transitions offer?

Oakley Sunnies

One pair of Oakley sunglasses, don't know the model name, but they are black framed with black irridium lenses. Couple of minor scratches on the lens but nothing significant. Bought them sometime ago and hardly ever wore them, (they didn't suit my face) Been sitting in drawer for a couple of years and it's time for a clear out. Come with an Oakley soft pouch bag holder. Mail in profile for images. £25 posted.

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Rapha - Limited Edition Oakleys

Hi all - firstly, this isn't a poke at the quality of Rapha's kit. I've got a few pieces of it and I love it. However....they're presently offering the chance to bid privately on some limited edition Oakleys featuring Rapha branding....with the winning bids DIRECTLY FINANCING THEIR PRO CX TEAM. They're not matching these bids with a charity donation or anything.

This strikes me as distinctly cynical and has genuinely made me question whether I want to buy more of their gear. Anyone got any thoughts on it?

Eurobike 2011 trends – Next year's big colour + Video

What do you reckon was the colour of the year at Eurobike? Hands-up. Red? Nope. Blue? Nope. Surely not brown? Nah, you're just being silly now. The colour that is set to dominate the bicycle world in 2012 is – wait for it – green.

Film from MuleBar Girls highlights the fun and stylish side of riding bikes (+ video)

We’ve reviewed kit before from women-focused clothing and accessory brand Ana Nichoola, but what you may not know is that when not designing items aimed at female riders, the brains behind the brand, Anna Glowinski, will more likely than not be riding her bike.

Why Oakleygate has left me confused...

Its a bizarre question to ask at a time when social unrest and thieving are dominating the news wires and headlines.

I was, like many others, quietly surfing through internet cycling forums when I saw the various threads kicking off about a pricing error at Oakley’s custom website.

Beat Mark Cavendish in a virtual race-off and win the chance to race him for real!

You might have seen the ads for this game right here on road.cc, but we thought we'd point you in the direction of Oakley's You Vs site, which is kicking off with Mark Cavendish with other famous sporting faces – Golfer Rory McIlroy, World Rally legend Sebastien Loeb and Cricket's own Kevin Pietersen are lined up – to follow.

Split Jacket update - now available on Oakley Custom

I just wanted to provide an update for those of you who read this blog post from a few weeks back talking about the new Oakley Split Jacket range.

For those of you unfamiliar they are a smaller version of the Jawbone, but with the same switchlock technology.

I have now seen that you can get spare lenses from the Oakley website (included vented/drilled for cycling) and that the custom website will let you design your own.

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