oakley jawbone

Some things change you...

When you get a family, you start to question every penny of spend on things like cycling. 

When it gets to the end of the year and you need one or two new products to get you started for the next year its even more of a challenge to justify cost. 

Two pairs of Oakley sunglasses was a pretty decadent thing to be honest. I had radars and jawbones with a whole comination of lenses. Sadly the need for some new kit meant I had to sell them. 

So for the first time since 1992 I am riding without the iconic brand across my eyes. So what did I choose? 

FS: Campy Neutron Ultras (for shimano/Sram), Jawbone lense + sworks shoes

Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Wheelset - Shimano/Sram Freehub

Ok bought these last Spring and only used for 3 months whilst staying in Italy so minimal miles and great condition. Only selling as want to try Mavic R-Sys SLR and the exalith braking surface this season. Not used since August (i have a set of Zipps i use mainly) and run true and straight and as you can see in photos, little or now ear to braking surface. These have had an easy life, probably got caught in a shower once or twice but never used or abused as i only weigh 60kg.

FS: Giro Aeon helmet, Jawbone Lenses, Spesh Carbon Shoes

For Sale:

Giro Aeon Helmet in Garmin Barracuda colours. Silver, white with blue argyle. Limited Edition. Size Medium. Used for 2 months last year and surplus to requirements as i have the newer blue version and also i white one....i cant justify having 3 helmets!!! £85 posted.

Oakley Jawbone Lenses: Hi vis yellow, perfect for uk weather!!! These are original and only for sale as i have 3 sets of Jawbones and other lenses for low light i prefer to use. I have found a cloth lense bag from an old set of Flak Jacket lenses to put them in. £22 posted.

Why Oakleygate has left me confused...

Its a bizarre question to ask at a time when social unrest and thieving are dominating the news wires and headlines.

I was, like many others, quietly surfing through internet cycling forums when I saw the various threads kicking off about a pricing error at Oakley’s custom website.

Split Jacket - the poor mans Jawbones?

For riding I love my Oakley Radars...sunglasses are one of the few things I always pay full price for and never scrimp or look in sales for.

For driving and generall posing about I had an ancient pair of jackets which I recently flogged on.

I wasn't out shopping for Jawbones, but my chum (well done for getting up the Tourmalet Mark!!) convinced me to try some. They were great but felt a bit big.

The alternative was a model I didn't know existing in the Oakley range, the split jacket.


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