Nite Ize

Nite Ize SlapLit LED


The Nite Ize SnapLit is a clever, flexible nylon strip featuring LEDs and malleable spine, allowing it to morph effortlessly between brace/anklet and bag-tag.

Two modes are arguably all you'll need thanks to the large surface area and, measuring 34cm long by 4cm wide, it seems a universal fit around most wrists/ankles and calves. Ours has largely served its time snaked around the Univega's beefy cromo rack, emitting a warm beacon through the grey gloom before dusk demands the full 'Christmas Tree on Acid' ensemble.

Nite Ize Twist Lit front/rear LED light


If you're familiar with Cateye's excellent Loop Light then these lights from Nite Ize will look pretty familiar. Nite Ize make the Loop light for Cateye, and this is their version, which is a bit different and just as good.

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