Topeak De-Fender RC11 mudguards


Unlike SKS' Raceblades or Crud's Roadracer the Topeak De-Fender RC11 mudguards set is a more utilitarian style with the short front and the rear sticking straight out from behind the seatcluster.

They do having an interesting fitting design though which makes them perfect for attaching in seconds should you get caught out in the rain while commuting. Maximum tyre size is 700x25c and they weigh about 140g for the pair.

SKS S-Blade


Essentially, the SKS S blade is the road version of the German marque's Xtra dry, which although pitched at mountain bikers, quickly caught on among messengers and new-wave fixer audiences too. This sturdy polypropylene beaver tail is pretty much the same thing, albeit more flattering to road lines.

Axiom Rainrunner Deluxe Reflex Mudguards


The Axiom Rainrunner Deluxe Reflex Mudguards have a seriously solid feel. Both guards have a rubber mudflap on the bottom and once fitted they look great and perform well.

I have always shunned the use of mudguards, preferring to allow the debris and grit to provide a nice brown line of sludge up my back. Maybe a legacy of my mountain biking days but it just didn't look cool or right!

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Tortec Reflector Guards


The Tortec Reflector Guards are at first glance just what you'd expect from a mid-price set of mudguards. Well made, solid and do what they say on the tin. Over the winter you begin to notice how many people use them and I can see why.

A number of younger riders I talk to have resisted mudguards on the basis that they are for older riders. Well I used to hold that view but now wonder - why didn't I do this sooner?

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Carbon mudguard-equipped road bikes: the next big thing?

Riding on rain-drenched roads isn't many peoples idea of fun, but needs must if you want to keep cycling through the bad weather that is such a frequent occurrence in the UK. And now, with autumn settling in, is the time of year many might be considering a mudguard-equipped road bike.

SKS P35 Chromoplastic mudguards


The venerable SKS Chromoplastic mudguard has been a staple for audaxers, tourers and commuters for decades, and the latest incarnation is everything you'd want: sturdy, well made and decent value.

The Chromoplastics are made by sandwiching Aluminium stips inside a plastic housing. The resulting profile is quite deep which makes it stiff and sturdy, and it carries the now-trademark pattern of black strips and see-through channels. Fixing kit is all steel, with a fixed bridge at the rear and a sliding one at the front for better adjustability.

Full Windsor Quickfix rear mudguard


There's still a bit of life in our wet and windy spring yet, so these Full Windsor Quickfix rear mudguards might be a life-saver.

Full Windsor is a London-based bicycle accessories design company, named after its founder, Mark Windsor. From the name, you might think they actually make ties, but in fact these are mudguards with a clear resemblance to a necktie. Made from durable plastic and available in a range of colours, they're easy to fix and work very well.

Genesis Equilibrium and racks/panniers

Morning all!

I'm on the hunt for a commuter bike/winter bike. My requirements are/were:

"Normal" road bike
Mudguard mounts
Rack mounts
No disc brakes (interesting tech, but early days!)
No cantis (a PITA to maintain IME)
Tigara as a minimum
Not bothered re. steel or aluminium

...all for £1000, or thereabouts.

Found a couple of bikes that tick all the boxes (Trek 1.5, Ridgeback Platinum, Giant Defy), but they left me cold...although the Ridgebacks look pleasingly sensible, so they're an outsider.

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