Messenger bag

Crumpler Dinky Di messenger bag


I had to have a spare set of retinas on standby looking at this Crumpler Dinky Di messenger bag, the colours are so loud they almost burst my eye balls.

Basil D'Azur messenger bag


Bike bags are getting more and more sophisticated, often combining pannier performance with the ease of use and versatility of the messenger bag. The Messenger bag from the d'Azur range by Dutch bike luggage specialists Basil is designed to be a combination of casual styling, rugged materials, handy features and on and off bike useability.

In an aged, sandy sort of colour canvas fabric, the d'Azur isn't a bag that screams out 'laptop inside' and is styled very much true to its name, as a messenger bag.

Polaris Aquanought Courier Bag


You could literally transport tropical fish in Polaris Aquanought courier bag thanks to its seamlessly welded, waterproof old-boots-tough construction. With 80s-style neon livery it's more akin to a pannier than a messenger satchel so you won't be an undercover cyclist once you hit the office.

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