Martin Gibbs

“Safer” lorry cabs delayed till 2015

European legislation to make sloping-front truck cabs compulsory has been delayed until at least 2015 because of objections by a bizarre alliance of environmental groups and truck manufacturers.

Experts claim that sloping-front cabs have the potential to reduce deaths of vulnerable road users hit by trucks by 1,000 per year because they reduce injuries and blind spots.

However, road haulage operators have traditionally preferred flat-fronted cabs because positioning the driver at the very front of the vehicle maximises cargo space.

No war on Britain's roads says British Cycling incident data but much needs to be done to win the peace

Figures released today by British Cycling show that one in three of incidents involving its members involves driver error at junctions or roundabouts while the second biggest cause, almost 20 per cent, were caused by drivers making an incorrect or dangerous manoeuvre on the road.

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