leather gloves

Sealskinz Leather Road Cycle Gloves


Sealskinz waterproof performance Leather Road Cycle Gloves might not roll off the tongue but they're amongst the best winter gloves I've used in a very long time. Their sharp two-tone black/grey livery is very appealing - I only wished the Scotchlite detailing was a bit less subtle.

Rapha Mens Grand Tour Gloves


Because these cycle mitts are from Rapha they're much much more than just cycle mitts, obviously. They're Grand Tour Gloves for a start. Made from African Hair Sheep leather, which is the finest available apparently, the leather isn't just put together in a hand shape, it's cut by skilled craftsmen and worked by hand for its characteristic texture and suppleness. That padding on the palm is 2mm pads from army sniper gloves, well, what else did you expect, none of that common gel or dull foam here.

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