Tech Roundup: Featuring Diamondback, Zwift, Knog and Santini

This week's Tech Roundup contains everything from new bikes and trikes, locks and jerseys, and even an indicating backpack. We start with news of a major redesign from Diamondback.


Diamondback revamps Podium road bike

Diamondback Bicycles has redesigned its Podium for 2016 (yes, we’re hearing about 2016 bikes already) and claims that it is now 100g lighter than previously, much stiffer, and 50% more aerodynamic across all yaw angles.

Knog unveil new [expose] and [qudos] products for 2015

Australian company Knog has built up quite a following with its range of cleverly designed bicycle LED lights, and it’s now turning this expertise to other areas, with the release of the [expose] iPhone accessory light and [qudos] Action Video Light for GoPro.

Knog Blinder Arc 1.7 front light

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The Knog Blinder Arc 1.7 front light packs phenomenal punch given its rated output is only 170 lumens. However, while aesthetically pleasing, its flip out charge stick wasn't universally compatible with laptops and other portable devices.

With their aluminium fascia, polycarbonate bodies and trademark silicone covers, the Arc series lights are seriously handsome beasts. Knog's build quality has also improved year on year and ours looks packet fresh after several weeks' use.

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Knog Blinder Road 2 front light

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Available in black, red, grape and gunmetal, the Knog Blinder Road 2 light resembles an old school high power twin lamp system that some batty boffin passed through a matter-shrinking device. Look elsewhere if you're seeking that level of see-with firepower mind, since all guns blazing it'll manage a very modest two hundred lumens. That said, this remains sufficient for navigating less challenging semi- rural stuff and the wealth of settings mean it's easily tailored for commuting and contingency duties.

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Win! A set of Knog Blinder lights

We recently reviewed Knog's innovative Blinder lights, and we really rated them for their innovative design, careful build quality and super bright light.

Now you can win a set of your own - thanks to Knog.

Knog Blinder front light


Knog's Blinder front LED light certainly lives up to its moniker. 88 lumens sound distinctly average by this season's standards but the choice of lighting patterns seems to grab the attentions of approaching traffic faster than conventional blinkies.

Dropping its podgy medical grade silicone in favour of anodised aluminium/sturdy resins has bolstered its build quality too and it's been the only USB plug in that I've been bold enough to hosepipe test at close range, let alone fully submerge!

Knog launch new Blinder lights

A couple of new Knog lights are now available in the UK for the winter: the Blinder 4V and the Blinder 1.

The Blinder 4V (above) is waterproof and USB rechargeable, and it comes with four bright LEDs. The front version gives out a claimed 80 lumens while the rear one is 44 lumens.

Knog Muddy Hell 'Bigger and Better' for 2012

Night time cyclocross in fancy dress with the course going straight through the beer tent - that's the recipe for a good night out for racers and spectators alike. Knog Muddy Hell returns to Herne Hill for a fourth year this October, with the racing taking place on 27 October from 5pm to 11pm. Big crowds and a strong field are expected.

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