The BIG Duathlon

April 21, 2013 - 10:00

BIG Events is proud to present the BIG Duathlon 2013:

An exciting new format of races that will be run at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit.

The day will commence with a mass start two (2) mile run which will determine a general classification. From this all athletes will then compete in an 'elimination style series' consisting three super sprint duathlon races (1 mile run, 5 mile bike, 1 mile run) across the course of the day.

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First Race as a 3rd cat.

Next Saturday is my first race with the big, bad, bumpy grown ups.

I'm a 3rd cat for this year, having got points on my license asa youth, and I'm entering the Imperial Series at Hillingdon.

Are there any experienced 3rd cats who can tell me what their first race as one was like?

I'm still on junior gears, 50x14, so hopefully it won't be too much of a spinfest.

Apparently they've changed the direction for this years winter series as well, any tips from those that have raced there?

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To the guy who shouted at me


SO, a little context.

I was doing laps of Hillingdon before racing tomorrow, and there is this one guy dressed up in Greenedge style kit, with a Ridley bike.

Earphones in, to drown out the noise his Mavic Cosmic Carbones were making, he comes storming past me in a blur of sweat and legs, only to slow down a bit further on.

So, I pounced on the oppurtunity for some motor pacing style training, as he was quite content to let me sit on his wheel at 40kph for about three or four laps.

An embarrassing truth

Call me old fashioned but I for one like to think that those who absorb the cycling press actually have some kind of respect for the writers. Equally, as a contributor, I like to think that by the time you are invited to write for a publication, such as this one, that you have reached some level of note as a rider or member of the cycling community.

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Tactics for Hillingdon

Just wanted to know what people's tactics were for Hillingdon Cycle Circuit.

I normally try and breakaway at the bell, but it hasn't worked yet.

I lack an amazing kick, but can usually weed out the weeklings on the ramp to the line if you're going anticlockwise.

Oh, and tactics for the windy bit if you're going clockwise.


Work starts on clubhouse for Hillingdon Cycle Circuit

Work has started on a new £715,000 clubhouse at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, which is due to be completed in May ahead of a National Youth Series meeting at the West London venue.

Completion of the new building at the circuit in Minet Country Park, Hayes, which hosts some 300 cycling events a year plus sports including Nordic skiing and in-line skating, will coincide with increased use of the track by schools, and will provide youngsters with facilities for changing and coaching.

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