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Updated - Video: "Cyclists are their own worst enemy. They deserve to die!"

Here's one of the most bizarre helmet camera videos I've ever seen, in which a rider walking her bike, minding her own business and behaving perfectly and utterly legally is subjected to anti-cycling opinions offered unsolicited by a complete stranger.

YouTuber leveret day remains remarkably calm throughout the encounter despite being told that cyclists, including presumably herself "are their own worst enemy" and "deserve to die'. Lovely.

VIDEO: Driver displays fake police ID to cyclist after being confronted over ‘punishment pass’

An Aberdeen cyclist has uploaded a video of when a driver flashed him a fake police ID in an attempt to intimidate him. The exchange took place shortly after the driver had passed at a distance the rider in question estimated to be less than half a metre.

Lorry driver slams cyclist with "a camera on his helmet and a big chip on his shoulder"

A lorry driver in Australia insists that he was only "technically" guilty after being convicted of passing too close to a cyclist. He said the video footage that brought him to court was shot by a cyclist with “a camera on his helmet and a big chip on his shoulder.”

ITV appeals for helmet cam footage of UK road incidents and near misses for new programme

Have you filmed a crash, scrape or near miss on your helmet cam? If so, ITV wants your footage. ITN Productions is putting together a programme that will provide “a true sense of the dangers of the road” and has appealed to road.cc readers for help.

Police take no action against moped rider caught on camera kicking out at cyclist's bike

A London cyclist who gave police video footage that showed a moped rider kicking out at his bike as he passed him has been told that no action will be taken against the man in question because there were no independent witnesses to what happened.

The incident happened on the New Kent Road on the evening of 16 January as Chi Yong La rode home to Greenwich from his job in the West End with publisher Conde Nast.

Just in: Garmin Virb Elite HD camera

We've just taken delivery of the new Garmin Virb Elite HD camera. It's a serious bit of kit, this, and the £349.99 price reflects that, but it's more than just a helmet camera for recording your commute in: it looks to be a genuine contender to the still-dominant GoPro Hero in the amateur (and professional) point-of-view stakes.

SMIDSY drivers beware the Helmet of Justice is watching and it's got 360° vision

Here at road.cc we're scratching our heads as to whether we think this would work.

It's a helmet containing seven cameras, that only activates at the moment of impact, giving a complete 360 degree view of the situation for the purposes of gathering as much evidence as possible.

It's fittingly named the 'Helmet of Justice', made by the US skate company Chaotic Moon.

Just In: RoadHawk Ride High Performance Bullet Camera

Check out the new RoadHawk Ride helmet camera that we have in for review. It looks very, very neat and the footage it takes is high definition so you get excellent detail.

Anyhow, let’s start at the beginning… RoadHawk is a UK company, based down in Cornwall (or ‘up in Cornwall’, I guess, if you live in the Scilly Isles). They’ve been making cameras for cars for a few years and this is their first ride camera, aimed at motorcyclists and horse riders as well as cyclists. It’s small at just 85mm long with a diameter of 20mm.

Veho Muvi HD10 bundle


The Veho Muvi HD10 is a full HD camera with a waterproof case, an LCD screen and a remote control. It's overkill for recording the daily commute but a really versatile option if you like filming your riding, or other outdoor activities.

First things first: you're bound to want to know how it stacks up against the GoPro Hero HD, so here's a quick rundown. The image quality isn't quite as good, but there's not a great deal in it, and the Muvi comes with more stuff and it's cheaper. There.

GoPro HD Hero helmet camera


The GoPro HD Hero might have been superseded by an even more sophisticated sibling but remains a superb multi sports camera. It's great for capturing a favourite ride, touring in exotic locations or more serious campaigning or documentary work thanks to high spec and superb build quality.

Opening the box, there are several instruction booklets, USB, AV connectors and various mount adaptors - I stuck with the standard elasticated neoprene head mount, since it latches on to road, mountain bike and even skate lids.

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