Christmas gifts for cyclists: Last minute presents

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Despite promising yourself that you wouldn’t, you’ve left it all until the last minute again, haven’t you? You were going to sort out a present for the cyclist in your life but it didn’t quite happen and now you’re wondering whether you can get away with a pasty and some charcoal briquettes from the filling station. We’ve got news for you: you can’t. And let's face it, the Pinarello F8 was always going to be a stretch.

Christmas gifts for cyclists who like to ride fast

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Christmas is on the way, Bonfire Night has come and gone, and that means it’s time for to offer you a whole bunch of Christmas gift guides focused on various different kinds of cyclists. This one offers suggestions for riders who like to ride fast.

These aren't all gifts designed to help you ride faster, but they're things that'll go down well with people who ride with speed and fitness in mind as opposed to, say, those who are out primarily to take in the views or get from A to B across town. Know what I mean?

For Sale : Vulpine £250 gift voucher

I have recently won a competition to win a £250 gift voucher for where they have some absolutely wonderful pieces of clothing, but after discussions with my partner who is 8 months pregnant, I have been convinced to part with it due to the fact that we are still desperate for nursery bits, short of money and I'm only a fair weather cyclist anyway!

Christmas gifts for performance cyclists

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… nearly. With Christmas just peeping its red-hatted head over the horizon, we thought we’d suggest some gifts for the performance-minded cyclist.

Okay, it's a few weeks away yet but now's the time to start thinking about presents. Maybe you’re a rider yourself, in which case you might want to point family and friends in this direction, or maybe you’re after some ideas for what to get someone with an urge to ride fast.

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