Games Lanes

MPs call for Games Lanes to be open to cyclists

A group of five MPs from all three major parties has tabled an early day motion calling on Transport For London to allow cyclists to use the special lanes reserved for athletes and Olympic bigwigs to woosh through the congestion of London traffic.

James May tells Olympic VIPs to "bloody well go on a bicycle" as TfL unveils new 2012 routes

TV presenter James May has criticised the use of VIP lanes at London 2012, suggesting that if senior executives of Olympic sponsors want to get to the Games next year, they should jump on a bike instead. The Top Gear host’s comments come as Transport for London (TfL) unveils new walking and cycling routes to help people get to the Olympic Park next summer, but in a blog, the Telegraph’s Olympics editor reveals her concerns having recently cycled to the venue.

Cyclists face £200 fine for riding in Olympic VIP lanes - but you can use the gutter instead

London cyclists face being slapped with £200 fines if they ride in lanes reserved for VIPs zipping around the city when it hosts the Olympic and Paralympic Games next year, which will affect key routes including the A40, Victoria Embankment and Marylebone Road.

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