Eurobike 2011

Eurobike faves video: SKS Raceguard Long mudguards

We've reported on these 'guards before, but we also shot a bit of vid at Eurobike just to show how easy it is to take them off. Guinea pig VecchioJo had never even seen them before, but he managed to whip off the rear mudguard in just a few seconds; all that's left is some small metal tabs on the dropouts and the brake bolts.

Trek 2012 road bikes – Higher tech, lower prices next year's big idea

'World's biggest bike brand' Trek had a standful of marginal gains at Eurobike although it could as easily have been billed as marginal losses with price reductions more or less across the board on its road bikes.

Eurobike tech roundup 3: Pinion, Supernova, Lupine, Brompton, Rapha and more

Eurobike always throws up plenty of new stuff, even when it's more of an incremental year like it was this time around. The rise of the 29er meant that lots of big companies were devoting their energies to MTB development, and road bikes maybe didn't get so much love even so, there was loads to see. If you missed part 1 and part 2 then they're definitely worth a look. Onwards with part 3...

Eurobike 2011 - Canyon Speedmax TT concept bike + video

Most of the bikes at Eurobike were on stands for the general public to admire and fondle, but there's always secret machines nestling in nooks and crannies about the show to be wheeled out under the noses of story-hungry hacks before being hidden away again. And the Canyon Speedmax was one of those bikes.

Eurobike 2011: The big road bike trends

It's official: next year's road bikes will be stiffer, lighter, comfier, slipperier, and electronic-ier than ever before. Eurobike is over a week ago and we've had time to digest it all and discern where the whole road bike market is heading next. Here's the shape of things to come...

Eurobike 2011 trends – Next year's big colour + Video

What do you reckon was the colour of the year at Eurobike? Hands-up. Red? Nope. Blue? Nope. Surely not brown? Nah, you're just being silly now. The colour that is set to dominate the bicycle world in 2012 is – wait for it – green.

Tech Roundup: SKS, Speedplay, Ghost, Ambrosio, Condor, Minx, Scott, Buff and more…

SKS has made a highly-modified version of its Raceblade mudguards for race bikes with limited clearances. In very simple terms they're longer so those crazy Germans have called them Raceblade Long but that's just the beginning of the story.

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