Tech Roundup: Knog, Polaris, Ergon, Feedback, Bionicon, Rainlegs, UCI plus more…

Knog's new Blinder lights for front and rear are a step up in apparent build quality with a metal and rubber clip and a cute design that the style media will love. The lights with their inbuilt USB plugs somehow look very at home on recharge nestling in the back of an iMac. 

Ergon GP1 Biokork Grips


Dedicated road rats may want to zone out now, since the ergonomically designed range of grips made by Ergon, including these Biokork ones, are only suitable for tourers, hybrids, urban warriors and off road. There’s no drop handlebar appropriate version available, funnily enough. But, for anyone else, the experience of trying an Ergon grip can be an enlightening one.

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