Proviz launch Nightrider range

High visibility cycling accessory company Proviz have launched a collection of light-emitting cycling products called Nightrider.

The products are all designed to be worn with a Triviz attached. What’s a Triviz? Hold your horses, we’re coming to that… It’s a battery-powered light-emitting warning triangle that can be swapped between the different products in the range.

Electroluminescent Clothing - light yourself up!

Industrial design companies PDD and Goose Design have teamed up to create a working prototype of a jacket with integrated lighting front and rear. The jacket uses a fabric made from yarns coated with Electroluminescent (EL) ink, and the lighting elements - which are almost invisible when turned off - are powered by a thin film battery and operated using a flexible switch built in to the jacket. The whole thing is washable, lightweight and flexible. EL jackets score over Fluorescent and reflective materials because they don't require a light source to be visible.

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