Roads Minister to look into harsher penalties as study finds texting at the wheel more dangerous than drink driving

Texting at the wheel is more dangerous than drink driving, research has found, leading campaigners to call for harsher penalties for using mobile phones at the wheel.

A study by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) has found that a driver has a 46 per cent slower reaction time when making a hand-held call, and only slightly better results when texting at 37 per cent slower. Hands free calls were not a complete solution, with 26 per cent slower reactions.

Hit and run

Yesterday I was hit by a car and the car drove off without exchanging details.

Happily it was a low speed impact; I was stationary and the driver turned across me, going into my rear wheel - I didn't even fall off the bike, but the wheel is trashed.
The driver looked at me, looked at the bike, and calmly drove off.
I've got his plates, and I've got a witness.

Motorist challenged to cycle for a week [video]

An anti-cyclist Adam is asked to ditch his car and travel to work by bike for a whole week.

It's amazing how people seem to ignore cyclists; he nearly runs 2 of them over.

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The Cyclists greatest weapon

Calling mini-camcorder riders to submit footage that makes the case for the cyclist.

We are producing a pilot for television/education. Your footage must be your own. Prefer 5mp+

send to:

large files may be sent via you send it

Our wish list:-

You must be willing to submit to an interview which may be edited at the producers discretion

A brief description outlining the event

Any witness contact details

Address or google map ref

Your contact details

Contact details of other parties

US driver gets three years after ramming teen cyclist with SUV, leaving him brain damaged

A man from Cleveland, Ohio, has been sentenced to three years' imprisonment after ramming a 14-year-old cyclist whom he believed had stolen his son’s bike with his SUV, leaving the boy with brain injuries.

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One less idiot driver, I hope

It has taken a while but I'm pleased to report a small legal success for one cyclist (me).

Nearly two years ago while on a visit back to London I was cycling back from Clapham Junction when I was cut up by a bus. Classic thing - coming up to a bus stop and rather than wait behind for two seconds he comes around but doesn't get past, sandwiching me between bus and kerb. Thanks god there were no railings or I'd have been in real trouble.

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