Video: How to improve your descending

GCN have released an online video showing you how to get the most out of your descending.

The video advises you to descend on the drops of your handlebars for extra stability and to lower your centre of gravity, and to hold the bars firmly but not over-tightly.

It also tells you to get into a low, aerodynamic position with your knees and elbows in if you want to increase your speed on really fast sections.

Many people freewheel on descents but just a small amount of effort can help you go considerably faster.

'Cyclist's Palsy' could have been to blame for death of 24 year old rider who crashed into house on steep descent

A cyclist who was killed on a downhill when she careered into a house may have been suffering from ‘Cyclist’s Palsy’, an inquest has found.

Cyclist's palsy, also known as handlebars palsy, is a numbing of the nerves in the hands after cycling in the same position for a extended period of time.

Rebecca Scott, 24, was in training for a 100 mile ride when she hit a wall while travelling down a hill in Branscombe, Devon.

VIDEO: Gee Atherton is hunted by a Peregrine Falcon

The falcon cocks its head; it has sensed the prey.

Gee Atherton, one of the fastest downhill riders in the world has velcroed bait to his backpack and all bets are off. Will he manage to negotiate the twisting trail to the bottom before the bird can snatch its reward, or is this Perigrine simply too sharpwitted?

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Favela DH

not strictly roads, but check out this mental red bull DH course in Dona Marta in Brazil. Featuring Gee and Dan Atherton...

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