Just 15% of adults in England cycle at least once per month – while 14% of the population don’t even take a walk

Recent statistics from the Department for Transport reveal that 15 per cent of adults in England cycle at least once a month. But perhaps more astonishingly, the figures also reveal that around 14 per cent of Britons do not take a walk of at least 10 minutes’ length even once a month.

Fines for illegal mobile phone use at wheel set to double to £200?

The government is reportedly planning to double the fine for motorists caught illegally using a hand-held mobile phone at the wheel to £200 due to concerns over the number of collisions attributable to use of the devices – although a road safety expert says that the focus should instead be on enforcing existing rules.

Cycling loses £23m of money pledged to improve infrastructure in latest round of government cuts

A £23m ‘underspend’ on Cycle City Ambition grants can be expected as the Department for Transport looks to cut its budget by £545m, reports The Guardian.

DfT figures reveal that cyclists rode further in 2014 – but drivers drove further too

New Department for Transport (DfT) figures reveal that the distance cycled on roads or next to roads in 2014 was 3.8 per cent higher than in 2013. Motor vehicle traffic also rose by 2.4 per cent – the fastest annual growth since 1996.

With 3.25bn miles travelled, UK cyclists covered more distance than either motorcycles or buses (both 2.8bn) and bike traffic has now risen every year since 2008.

Driving test is 80 today - time to bring it up to date, says IAM

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has said that the driving test – introduced 80 years ago today – needs to be overhauled to be brought up to date to improve road safety, help younger drivers address issues they may face while driving, and respond to the reality of the 21st Century.

Particular shortcomings of the current test highlighted by the road safety charity include how to drive safely at night, in poor weather, or on country roads.

CTC teams up with DfT in £1m drive to get bikes out of sheds and onto the road

National cyclists’ charity CTC has teamed up with the Department for Transport (DfT) for the Big Bike Revival which aims to get bikes out of people’s garden sheds and back onto the roads. The £1m initiative was announced yesterday by transport minister Robert Goodwill, who also revealed details of £15 million funding to improve cycling facilities at 300 railway stations across the country.

THINK! Cycling campaign extended to seven more cities despite failure to change driver behaviour

The Department for Transport (TfL) has extended its THINK! Cycling campaign for 2015 to an additional seven cities despite a report last year finding drivers said it had minimal effect on their behaviour.

An evaluation of the THINK! Cycling safety tips campaign found that there had been "very little change on claimed driving behaviours for drivers" after the 2013 and 2014 editions of the campaign.

Norwich plans further £15.4m cycling investment - subject to DfT approval

Norwich City Council and two neighbouring local authorities have applied for a further grant of £8.4 million in Cycle City Ambition cash from the Department for Transport (DfT) to help fund £15.4 million of improvements for cycling facilities in the city.

As one of the eight cities that benefited from the first wave of funding announced by the DfT in August 2013, Norwich was invited to submit a bid by 31 January for second wave funding, with a total of £114 million available.

New Forest's loss means gain for five other national parks as they share £2.7m DfT cycling cash

Three months after the Department for Transport (DfT) withdrew £1.5 million in funding for cycling from the New Forest National Park Authority (NFNPA), transport minister Robert Goodwill has announced it is funding £2.7 million for cycling projects in five other national parks in England.

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