FS Easton Kinesis Crosslight Pro 2 Winter/Commute/Cyclocross bike

Easton Kinesis Crosslight Pro 2 Winter/Commute/Cyclocross bike for sale due to lack of use. Didnt ride it last winter due to lacking motivation to go out in the rain and cold so have decided to sell it and just use my summer bike when I do end up going out in the winter.

£250 ONO

Seat tube 54cm Top Tube 54cm
Carbon Fork
Full 105 Groupset - Model is a few years old, cassette and chain replaced with 4 months use. Scratches on shifter, missing shifter cap, derailleur scratches.

FS: Kinesis Crosslight T5 Cyclocross bike + Whyte 19 steel Mountainbike PICS

Hello guys - Selling off two of my lovely bikes to fund a new 29er, regretfully these are the 2 that get the least use so have to go to a new home.

First up, my most impulsive purchase to date! A Kinesis Crosslight 5T with Carbon fork, size 54cm:

I can honestly say that it has literally been ridden once since it was bought two months ago due to my interest in road bikes (sorry!). I had great plans to use it a lot over the winter and commute with it etc but it's got to go for the reasons above.

Genesis CdF

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A budget kid brother to Genesis' popular steel road all-rounder, the Genesis CdF is a solid urban and light-touring ride, as long as you're not in a hurry to get from A to B.

The Genesis Croix de Fer has a good reputation; it was even used to set a world record when Vin Cox rode a Croix de Fer around the world. Genesis say the Croix de Fer is one of their most popular bikes, so they decided to introduce a little brother: the CdF. The frame has the same dimensions, but is made from Reynolds 520, as opposed to the Croix de Fer's 725.

Shand launch production frames

Shand Cycles have launched two production steel frames, both designed and built by hand in Scotland.

The Stoater (above) allroad frame is made using Reynolds 853 tubing.

“It takes its cues from the US gravel grinder and monstercross scene, but reflects the British attitude to road and trail riding,” said Shand’s Russell Stout.

Hutchinson Toro CX 700x32c


Hutchinson make a lot of road tyres, they also make a lot of mountain bike tyres, and squeezed between the two are just a few cyclo-cross tyres with the Toro being one. With its pattern of small, square knobs it looks like a mountain bike tyre but smaller, which comes as no surprise as it's based on Hutchinson's Toro MTB tyre.

Scott CX Comp


Scott's CX Comp comes in just over that magic £1,000 price barrier but if you shop around you can find these being sold for 'Cycle to Work' scheme friendly prices. Mind you, while it shares the innate versatility of all cross bikes and it is not without the odd commuter-friendly eyelet, this is bike aimed squarely at the hurly burly of the race circuit rather than the ride to work.

Kenda Kwicker 700x35 CX Tyre


Need a tyre for your wheelbarrow? Kenda make one. Need a tyre for your wheelchair? Kenda make one. Need a tyre for your fork-lift? You can get one from Kenda. Need a tyre for your bicycle? Kenda can help out there too, thankfully no matter what the bicycle they even have a selection for cyclocross bicycles which includes the Kwicker.

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Ibis Hakkalugi


The Ibis Hakkalügi is a lightweight cyclocross bike that's a real joy to ride. It's best suited to those who like to ride with a bit of finesse rather than those who like to muscle through regardless.

Ibis may have passed you by because, although they've had a road bike in their company quiver almost since their inception 30 odd years ago, they're best known as a maker of mountain bike frames.

Just In: Trek Cronus CX Pro

Trek haven’t ever made much noise in the cyclo-cross arena; it’s not a brand that instantly springs to mind when pondering a new CX bike. They’ve probably been too busy with their successful road and mountain bikes to bother pedalling up what was, up until recently, quite a quiet cycling cul-de-sac. They’ve brought out the odd bike or two but these have been pretty much under the radar... Well, apart from some respected Lemond models when that name was cuddled in their loving arms.

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