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Christmas gifts for cyclists, actually, no.

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1 have been kind enough to offer you a vast array of Christmas gift ideas for your cycling chums, no matter where their pedaling allegiances lay, but time is getting tight and you might get in a bit of a flappy panic and make a rash decision, such as buying one of these exquisite items just before the shops shut. Please don’t.

New tees and framed prints from Vélolove

You can never have too many people making nice cycling-related t-shirts and posters and stuff. So on that note we'd like to welcome Vélolove to the fold.

Ride Classics Project t-shirts available now

It might be a bit too late to get your order in ahead of the Hell of the North on Sunday, but if you'd like to proudly display your love of the Classics all year (well, for as much of the year as a t-shirt is sensible attire) then head over to the RIDE website at and take a look at their Classics Project tees.'s cycling T-shirt round up… just in time for Christmas

Everyone's telling us about their tee shirts. Well, some people are. It must be coming up to Christmas or something, they do make a good pressy even if it'll be may before you actually get to wear the thing if last year is anything to go by. Here's some of the stuff we've seen of late...

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