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Roads without centre-lines make for safer passing, study finds

Painted bike lanes make no difference to the speed and closeness with which drivers pass cyclists, according to a new study, but if roads don't have centre-line markings, drivers pass cyclists more slowly.

That's the conclusion of a new study by two academics from the Universities of Leeds and the West of England. They set out to find out how much difference road markings make to the amount of space drivers give cyclists when passing, and the speed at which they pass in 20mph and 30mph zones.

More than half of drivers who kill cyclists escape jail

The majority of drivers convicted of killing cyclists escape jail time, the BBC has found.

Fewer than one in five cycling fatalities led to a prosecution and of those drivers found guilty, only 44 percent went to jail; 26 percent were not even banned from driving.

Across all road deaths, however, around 60 percent of drivers found guilty of causing a fatality go to jail.

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat  obtained the information via freedom of information requests to all 45 UK police forces.

MPs call for fivefold increase in Government spending on cycling

A House of Commons committee says that spending on cycling needs to be raised to £10 per head by 2020 to pay for infrastructure and improve the safety of bike riders.

The appeal is made in a report, Cycling Safety, published today by the Transport Committee, which also says that motorists should be trained in how to share the road safely with people on bike, and calls on government departments to work together on making conditions better for cyclists.

Video: Backtracker uses radar technology to warn of approaching vehicles

New gadget Backtracker, currently seeking the necessary funding to be put into production, provides early warning of vehicles approaching from behind using radar technology and alerts their distance and speed on a handlebar-mounted device.

Luminescent whiskers: the latest innovation in bike safety

If you don’t feel safe on your bike in the city, there’s only one answer: equip your bike with VibriSee flexible, illuminated whiskers.

You what? Read on, it’ll all become clear.

Essex police: If cyclists were more safety-conscious they wouldn’t get killed

An Essex police officer has claimed that cyclists need to be more safety-conscious to spare families the heartbreak of a visit from an officer bearing bad news.

Speaking to the Essex Chronicle’s Joe Sturdy, PC Deborah Gray said: “If families have to see a white-hatted officer at their door, then it’s horrible because they just know why they are there.

Are drivers and cyclists just as dangerous to pedestrians?

Cyclists are just as dangerous to pedestrians as drivers. That’s the claim made by an article on The Times website today.

According to transport correspondent Phillip Pank, analysis of the 2012 road accident figures published by the Department for Transport reveals: “When serious injuries are measured as a proportion of distance travelled, cyclists injured 21 pedestrians per billion km travelled in 2012 compared with 24 pedestrians injured by drivers.”

Which? stirs the helmet debate with product test

The consumer magazine Which? have tested cycle helmets in their July issue, and at the same time launched a Which? Conversation (that's a blog post to you and I ) debating whether or not EU law mandating helmets for the under-13s should be enacted here in the UK.

Regular'ers will know that's a hot topic in these parts, with those believing in personal resposibility and free choice noisily battling it out with those who think helmet-wearing saves lives and serious injury.

Driver found not guilty of causing death of promising cyclist

A man has been found not guilty of causing the death by dangerous driving of a promising young cyclist.

Lewis Balyckyi, 18, who was due to move France as part of the John Ibbotson Fund, which sponsors young riders to race with a semi-professional team for a season, was cycling along North Road in Bretherton, near Chorley when he was hit by a van driven by Leslie Pitblado, 50.

The court was told by witnesses that Balyckyi was wearing dark clothing and had no lights on his bike before the incident on January 18 last year, despite it being dark at the time.

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