Cycle Show 2011

Kovert bike brand launches at Cycle Show

Oooh, exciting! Kovert bikes launched at the Cycle Show over the weekend – a brand new brand who design and assemble their bikes in the UK.

Kovert is the brainchild of Rod Freeman, a long-time racer who’s also behind the Cycling Bargains retail website.

First look - Blue 2012 range

US brand Blue were showing their range at the Cycle Show 2011 over the weekend – and one of their bikes was arguably the slickest looking road bike on display at the Birmingham NEC.

Blue have been around for six years and in the UK for the past three. Their presence in the marketplace isn’t huge but it’s growing. The brand is best known in the triathlon area but they’re also showing their standard road bikes, aero road bikes and cyclocross bikes at the Cycle Show.

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What was your favourite bike/product at the Cycle show

Mine was easily the steel fixies on the Condor stand, the Classico with drilled TRP brake levers almost made it onto my credit card statement!! The Condor Paris is also a work of art.

Cycle Show 2011 – USE unveil prototype disc brake converter

Moving slowly around the Cycle Show yesterday waiting for the Resolve to kick in our eyes snagged on this smart-looking prototype hydraulic disc brake converter from USE.

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