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Cambridge announces £500,000 investment in city centre bike parking

Cambridge is to meet a 'chronic' shortfall in cycle parking by installing up to 1,000 new racks in the city centre in the next year and a half.

The plans, that will cost half a million pounds (we assume that's if the full 1000 racks are installed), were unveiled after it was announced that 52 per cent of Cambridge's population cycled at least once a week - the highest rate in the UK.

The council has acknowledged that

Leicester Bike Park reopens after £200,000 refurbishment

A secure cycle parking facility in the centre of Leicester has been reopened under new management after a year-long refurbishment programme. The Bike Park, which is located beneath Leicester Town Hall, incorporates showers, lockers and a bike shop as well as parking spaces for 110 bikes.

Cambridge cyclists insist parking should be free of charge at planned £2.5 million CyclePoint

Cyclists in Cambridge have expressed fears that they will have to pay to park their bikes at the £2.5 million CyclePoint planned for the city’s railway station that was announced earlier this week, although a spokeswoman for station operator Greater Anglia has said there are “no current plans to charge for cycling parking,” reports Cambridge News.

Video shows ease with which bike thieves can go about their business

Cycle parking specialists, Bike Dock Solutions, has deployed hidden cameras to highlight the ease with which thieves can steal a bike, even in busy surroundings, without anyone intervening to ask them what they are doing.

Filmed at Dagenham market in East London, more than ten ‘thefts’ were staged of a bike during a 60-minute period, none of which resulted in anyone approaching the ‘thief,’ who was equipped with a pair of boltcutters.

Cambridge rail station cycle parking row continues as new disabled ramp blocked by bikes

Controversy over cycle parking at Cambridge railway station – or, rather, the lack of it – continues with reports that a new ramp giving disabled people improved access to the station was rendered impassable for wheelchair users due to the number of bicycles parked on it.

Campaigners question Cambridge City Council's commitment to cycling in parking row

Cambridge Cycling Campaign has questioned Cambridge City Council’s bicycle-friendly credentials after the second phase of the landmark £850 million cb1 redevelopment project were approved despite what are described as “barely acceptable proposals” in terms of provision for cyclists. Meanwhile, an online petition has been launched to try and remedy the longstanding problem of cycle parking around Cambridge railway station.

Copenhagen looks to boost cycling levels even higher to half of all commutes

With their country often highlighted, together with The Netherlands, as providing a model to which others should aspire when it comes to bicycle use, you’d forgive the Danes if they rested on their laurels. After all, the Scandinavian country already has among the highest usage figures of bicycles in the world. Not a bit of it, however. In a nation where a little over one in three people already commute to work or their place of study by bicycle, politicians in the capital, Copenhagen, want to increase that to half of journeys by 2015.

Birmingham cycle campaigners say consider cyclists' needs in New St redevelopment

The head of Birmingham bicycle campaign Push Bikes is pressing the local council and Network Rail to take greater consideration of cyclists’ needs as the city’s New Street railway station, the busiest in the UK outside London, currently the subject of a massive redevelopment programme.

Lambeth commission spells success for Cyclehoop

The business that developed the innovative Cyclehoop, which turns existing pieces of street furniture into bicycle parking facilities, has designed an attention-grabbing set of bike stands for Lambeth Council that spell out the borough’s names, with each stand incorporating a different letter within its design.

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