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Shimano R320 shoes


Shimano's new R320 shoe had their first public outing in the Olympic road race last summer and I've been testing this pair since September, when I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-production sample so I could get the miles in. And getting the miles in I have. In the nearly five months I've been using them, they've proved to be incredibly stiff while still being comfortable for mile after mile. No surprise that they're my new favourite shoes.

Lake CX401


Lake's CX401 race shoes are expensive, there’s no two ways about that, but they might just be the most comfortable you ever buy thanks to their custom fit.

When we say ‘custom fit’, we’re not talking about moulding the insole or even heating the upper with a hair dryer, as you can with shoes from some other manufacturers. No, it’s the carbon fibre sole that’s shaped to your foot – or, more precisely, the section of the sole that wraps around the sides of the shoe to form the heelbox.

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Sneak peek: Lake CX331 shoes

Psst! Over here! Take a look at this. It’s a Lake CX331 road shoe. You haven’t seen one before because it’s a year off making it the shops.

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