Cosmic Carbone SLR

Mavic Cosmic Carbone Slr Wts

Mavic Cosmic Carbone Slr wheel group has its own adjustment mechanism, the official word is QRM. Wheel adjustment tool accessories in there, but why you want to adjust, how to adjust, including me, and many with SLR wheels of the car

Just In: Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR wheelset

Aerodynamics is one of the hottest buzzwords in cycling at the moment, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the wheel market. There's now a dizzying choice of carbon fibre deep-section wheels, but one of the classics is Mavic's Cosmic line of wheels.

Mavic wheels and shoes

Mavic were very keen to show off the new Carbone SLR wheel, and an very innovative bit of kit it is too. The rim extrusion and carbon section are lighter for 09, but the big change is in the spokes. Mavic have used a rim-to-rim build, so spokes start at one side of the rim and cross the hub to the other side. The tension in the spokes is the only thing that really keeps them in place - the spoke has a rectangular block half way that sits in between stops on the hub flange.

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