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RSP City Bright R - Rear LED Light


The City Brigh R rear light from RSP bears more than a passing resemblance to the classic Smart 1/2w Superflash, with a single 1/2 watt led set on top of two more humble leds. Think of it as tribute act.

Cateye Econom EL-540 Rechargeable Front Light.


Cateye's EL540 is a viable alternative to dynamos for commuting and utility riding round town and in the sticks. Don't be fooled by the slightly quaint looks and AA Nimh power source, cutting edge technology squeezes every last ounce from the single LED and it's powerful enough for navigating unlit backwaters by. Forgetful types will be reassured by the fact the cells can be swapped for common or garden alkaline types without impairing performance.

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Silva lights launch this week in UK

Swedish outdoor brand Silva that for many years has held a legendary reputation for its compasses and more recently built a new identity for the head torches used by hikers, fell runners and wild-water canoeists is this week launching a range of pure bicycle lights based on the latest LED technology.

Blinding new lights from Lezyne

Accessory brand reputed for pumps and mini-tools Lezyne has launched a first range of bicycle lighting based on the latest LED bulbs and Li-Ion batteries recharged by USB. There will be waterproof rubber-sealed alloy compartments and a 'composite matrix' bracket that fits either 31.8 or 25.4mm handlebars.

Waterproof rear lights

Do they exist? Thinking

So far have killed 3 Flea lights (originally won on here via Schwag grab) - Madison stopped responding to emails sadly, so lifetime guarantee not up to much there. Angry Which is a shame because they were fab lights - just not waterproof.(Front light is fab and appears to be waterproof - maybe I shouldn't say that probably kiss of death Confused )

EDIT: actually that is 5 Flea rear lights die. I had three sent back to madison, and I've got two knackered ones on my computer desk

Killed a Lumicycle rear light - which again surprised me.

Light & Motion Vis 360 rechargeable front head light and tail light


Light & Motion Visa 360 is beautifully made, a delight to use and when all’s said and done, worthy of the asking price. 140lumen output outstrips many mid range bike mounted systems but Light & Motion have ensured this prowess doesn’t have the effect of blinding oncoming traffic. Run and charge times are practical for most commuters and 135g neither feels cumbersome or encroaches on rider freedom. However, the Visa is designed to compliment rather than substitute bike mounted systems and though genuinely visible from 360 degrees, blind spots were still possible when turning the head far left/right.

Electron Backupz USB LED lights


These little Backupz LEDs are brilliant if you are riding through town after the sun has disappeared. They are tiny, each the size of a key fob so you can easily stuff them safe in your pocket when you are nipping in to the to the pub for a refreshment break on your way back from work while your steed is locked up outside.

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