Colnago C59 Disc

Disc-braked road bike round-up starring: Colnago, Parlee, Eastway & more

There’s a growing number of disc-equipped road bikes starting to hit the roads as interest from manufacturers and cyclists increases. Utility and commuting bikes have been switched on to the advantages of disc brakes for a while now, and cyclocross is starting to cotton on too. But what of road bikes with disc brakes?

Eurobike 2012 - Colnago C59 Disc – First Ride


Disc-braked performance road bikes have created a lot of discussion as the Next Big Thing but all that chatter doesn’t seem to have translated into much actual product yet and merely resulted in what seems like a waiting game between bike and brake manufacturers neither wanting to make the leap before the other one does. Colnago, never afraid to try a bit of innovation and then go back to something that works, have decided to mix their DNA into the primordial soup and kick-start the performance road disc evolution with the C59 Disc.

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