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Clean but not Squeaky

Why bother cleaning your chain? Easy; even if you don’t buy the argument that it saves money – and, depending on how you cost the time put into extending the service life of a chain by, perhaps, 10 per cent, it may not – riding with a filthy chain is asking for a ‘fourth cat tattoo’ down the right calf. Perhaps more importantly, a correctly cleaned and lubed chain that is still within its wear limit runs almost as smoothly and efficiently as new. And it looks nice.

Muc-Off launch C4 Wax chain lube developed with Team Sky + video

Cleaning specialists Muc-Off have launched C4 Wax, a chain lube that has been developed with Team Sky. Muc-Off claim the lube can “produce savings of over 7 watts for a 60-minute time trial.” Their words, not ours.

WD40 3 in One Professional - Bike Maintenance Spray


WD40 3 in One Professional Bike Maintenance Spray is supposedly cycling-specific, but it does a whole lot besides and very well too.

Frankly, aside from the handy size 250ml aerosol, performance wise there's a fag paper separating it and the wealth of chemically similar products arriving at the offices these past few weeks. No excuses for sticky shifts, scabby fasteners and squeaky cleats in my fleet then.

White Lightning Clean Ride wax lube


White Lightning Clean Ride wax lube has as much to offer ’cross bikes and winter hacks as summer playthings. As its name implies, it both lubricates and purges grit and grime from the drivetrain, minimising maintenance and helping prevent premature component wear.

Clean Ride’s formula is broadly similar to other wax lubes. The petroleum distillates and PTFE lubricate outer and inner surfaces of the chain, while the boron nitride improves longevity and inhibits corrosion.

Finish Line 1-Step Cleaner and Lubricant


Despite my initial cynicism, Finish Line’s 1 step cleaner and lubricant quickly won me over with its convenience, low friction and surprising tenacity. Marketed at commuters, the mixture is also perfect for post race clean-ups of cross and mountain bike transmissions, slotted cables and even spd cleat mechanisms. However, it demands an abundance of clean rag, weekly reapplication in wetter weather and those with sensitive skins should apply wearing latex examination gloves.

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