Chain catcher

Chain catchers, How do you fit them?

I have a one bolt KCNC clamp

(due to other two bolt clamps fouling the rear tyre) and two different chain catchers.

One catcher has a curved face which doesn't seem to fit anything. The other is a RSP and has two flat faces.

SRAM release chain spotter

The chain spotter – otherwise known as a chain catcher – that SRAM introduced as part of their new top-end Red groupset earlier in the year will soon be available to buy on its own aftermarket.

The chain spotter is integrated with SRAM’s new Red Yaw front mech, but now you’ll be able to get it separately to prevent your chain from coming off, wasting time and potentially damaging your frame.

Eurobike 2011: The rise and rise of the chain catcher

So, you spend a fortune on a cutting-edge carbon frame that has been aerodynamically developed in the wind tunnel, strengthened with the most advanced nano-technology known to materials science, and fitted with a super-high tech electronic gear system… Then the chain comes off. What do you do? Easy; bolt on a bit of metal to keep it in place.

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