Child knocked off bike by 'aggressive cyclist' as she rode in safety protest ride

A girl who was taking part in a protest ride to show how unsafe her route to school was has been knocked off her bicycle by an ‘aggressive’ cyclist.

The girl, in Year 8, was hit and then subjected to verbal abuse during the ride with around 50 pupils and parents who were travelling from Stapleford to Sawston Village College at around 8.25am to protest about the council’s cancellation of the free school bus services to the school.

Cambridge cyclist knocked off by car mere hours after purchasing bike… which was then stolen

Mere hours after Cambridge carer Emeka Basil had bought his bike, he was knocked off it when a car turned left into him. Shocked and injured, he phoned his wife to come and collect him, but while he was directing her thieves took the bike, even though it was broken.

Bike theft soars in Cambridge

Cambridge may not have been able to beat Oxford in the Boat Race last month, but there's one way in which the city is romping ahead of its ancient rival: bike theft.

Cambridge cyclist feared for life after driver's knife threat

A cyclist in Cambridge was so shaken after an incident in which a motorist threatened to use a knife on him that he installed extra security at his home due to fears for his own safety and that of his family, a court has heard.

Cambridge police warn against flimsy bike locks that can be broken without tools

Criminals are stealing bikes using nothing more than simple brute force such is the poor quality of locks being employed by many Cambridge cyclists. As well as recommending that people invest in decent locks, police are also asking people to register their bikes on the Immobilise website, saying that the vast majority of reports they receive do not include the frame number.

Cambridge PCSOs ensure people are cycling in the right direction and in an appropriate manner

According to a new report to Cambridge City Council's west central area committee, road safety work carried out by police community support officers (PCSOs) in the last three months has had a heavy focus on cyclists. As well as tackling speeding drivers, cyclists jumping red lights and students cycling without lights have been the subject of attention.

A different kind of Classics as scholars puzzle over Cambridge 'no bike parking' sign

Some of the finest minds in Classics – the Latin and Ancient Greek variety, not the cycling ones – have been analysing a sign in Cambridge that tells people not to lock their bicycles to railings, and which is written in the two languages, but not English.

London to Cambridge crime commuter bike thief sentenced

A thief who travelled from London to Cambridge almost every month to steal bikes has been handed a 12-week suspended sentence by Cambridge Magistates' Court, according to a report from Eleanor Busby of Cambridge News.

Bernard Mifsud stole seven bikes between June 19 2014 and January 15 2015, travelling up from Islington each time to strike in the dead of night; the thefts occurred between 12am and 2am, the court heard.

AstraZeneca among 100 companies backing Cambridge A10 cycle lane

Cambridge cycling advocates are hoping that the support of local businesses including pharmaceutical research giant AstraZeneca will help bring forward the creation of a safe cycling route between the city, the town of Royston to the south, and the villages between.

AstraZeneca is one of 100 Cambridge companies that have signed a petition demanding a protected cycle lane along the A10 between Cambridge and Royston.

Cyclists should be registered, insured and be made to wear helmets say Cambridgeshire councillors

Two Cambridgeshire councillors have called for tighter regulations on cyclists, such as making third-party insurance and helmet use mandatory, reports Cambridge News. The councillors argue that legislation is needed now that cyclists are having ‘large amounts money from the taxpayer poured onto them’.

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