Cambridge to improve links to southern business parks with £1.7m new segregated cycle paths

Cambridge is to benefit from three new cycle routes next year, costing £1.7m to construct.

The tracks, up to 2.5m wide in most places, will be separated from the road by a metre of grass verge, and will contect the city with business paths to the south, in the hope that commuters will choose to ride to work.

The longest will run from Whittlesford station to Granta Park, home to firms including Pfizer and TWI.

Conservation groups fight plans for Cambridge Velodrome and Derby cycle track

Plans for an outdoor, open-air velodrome as part of a sporting village in Cambridge and an extension to a cycle track in Derby are being resisted by conservation groups in both cities.

Groups trying to conserve the green belt around Cambridge and the Sanctuary Bird Reserve in Derby from the cycling facilities have managed to stall the projects.

Man fined for assaulting cyclist was "trying to save his life"

A man has been fined for assaulting a cyclist in Cambridge after claiming he was actually trying to save his life.

According to Cambridge News, Kevin Hands admitted pushing Reece Cockram on Sunday, October 6, in Church End, Over.

Cambridge Magistrates’ Court heard that Mr Cockram and his girlfriend were walking along the side of the road after a puncture when they were abused by people in a passing car.

Cambridge pensioner guilty of assault after tipping dog excrement over cyclist

A pensioner in Cambridge has been convicted of assault after she tipped a bag of dog excrement over a cyclist whom she claimed had ridden too close to her on a shared use path at Trumpington. A number of people commenting on a local newspaper report of the case say the woman concerned has a regular history of abusing cyclists - though it seems that it is this specific incident that prompted authorities to take action.

'Give workers time off to watch Tour de France in Cambridge,' says councillor

Cambridge workers should be allowed time off to see the Tour de France pass through their home town next summer, according to a local councillor.

Ian Manning has asked the council to consider flexible working for its staff on July 7, and he’s now encouraging other local businesses to do the same.

Row brews in Cambridge as Police and Crime Commissioner and MP go head to head over cycle helmet laws

The MP for Cambridge and the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner have become embroiled in a war of words after the PCC called for a change in the law to make cycle helmets mandatory.

Sir Graham Bright, whose son is a doctor, says that the injuries he has heard about second-hand have convinced him that riding without a helmet should be criminalised.

Free lights for kids as Dorset & Cambridge police tackle unlit cycling

Oxford recently had its annual crackdown on unlit cycling - now it’s the turn of Cambridge and Dorset.

Cambridge police will deploy special constables today as part of ‘Operation Pedalo’ to crack down on “dangerous” and “anti-social” cycling.

Video: Cambridge gets world's first glow in the dark path - coming soon to a city near you?

A British company has developed a ‘glow in the dark’ path surface – claimed to be a world first – and is currently trialling it at a park in Cambridge. If successful, the concept could be rolled out elsewhere in the city for footpaths and bike paths. The business behind it hopes it will also be used in other places in the UK.

Cyclist fighting for life after two bikes collide at recently-updated Cambridge junction

A cyclist has been seriously injured following a collision between two bikes at the Catholic Church junction in Cambridge.

The Cambridge News reports that the collision occured at around 7pm last night, and that one of the riders suffered life-threatening injuries.

Eric Pickles: Cambridge motorists (and shops) suffer due to council's focus on cycling "elite"

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles says that parking charges in Cambridge are too high and disadvantage motorists, and has suggested that prioritising cyclists over motorists favours an “elite” rather than ordinary people who want to use cars to visit shops.

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