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Freight Transport Association: Banning HGVs during peak hours is not the answer to cyclist deaths

A ban on HGVs in cities during peak hours is not the answer when it comes to protecting cyclists, the Freight Transport Association has said.

Although the organisation concedes that more needs to be done to improve cycling safety, it says that the idea, already in place in cities like Paris and Dublin, is unworkable, and would affect commerce and supply in towns and cities.

TfL said to have approached researchers over headphones and cyclist safety

Transport for London (TfL) is reported to have approached an institution in London to conduct research regarding the effect of wearing headphones on the safety of cyclists. Earlier this week, the city’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, said banning headphones was one option being considered following the death of six cyclists in the city.

Video: London Assembly members criticise Boris Johnson on bike safety

Mayor of London Boris Johnson faced strong criticism of his record on cycle safety in the London Assembly’s Mayor’s Question Time this morning with Assembly members accusing him and Transport for London of moving too slowly to help London cyclists and of actually making the roads more dangerous.

In his comments on the recent deaths on London’s roads, Boris Johnson said: “The spate of fatalities we’ve seen in the last couple weeks must be seen in the context of an overall decline in fatalities.”

Boris Johnson says he'd back ban on cyclists wearing earphones

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said that he would support a ban on bike riders in London wearing earphones – leading one commentator to suggest that his credibility with cyclists “is evaporating.” In an interview with BBC Radio London’s Vanessa Feltz, Mr Johnson also appeared to downplay calls led by British Cycling’s Chris Boardman for London to ban lorries at peak hours.

Met Police boss: Trucks in the capital are ‘killing machines’

The Metropolitan Police’s Chief Commissioner has warned that trucks and large vehicles in the capital are ‘killing machines.

In an interview with LBC Radio’s Nick Ferrari, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said that "one wobble" could see riders end up under the wheels of a lorry or bus, in the wake of a week that saw five cyclists killed on London’s roads.

Boris Johnson accused of victim-blaming over London cyclist deaths

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said cyclists need to take responsibility for their own safety following a nine-day period in which collisions with large vehicles claimed the lives of five cyclists in the capital. While he clearly states he wasn’t trying to blame the victims in those specific incidents, an opposition politician has accused him of doing just that, describing his remarks as “an insult to the dead.”

London Assembly calls on Boris to sort out Cycle Superhighway safety issues as soon as possible

The London Assembly has unanimously voted in support of a motion calling on Mayor Boris Johnson to take swift action to make cycle routes in London as safe as possible, including responding fully to criticisms made during the inquests into the deaths of cyclists Brian Dorling and Philippine de Gerin-Ricard.

Boris Johnson announces Cycle Superhighway improvements as he opens new section of CS2

Mayor of London Boris Johnson today announced plans to spend £35 million on improved and new cycling facilities in London. Alongside the Mayor’s announcement, Transport for London said it plans to recruit over 100 designers, engineers and traffic modellers to help deliver the new cycling infrastructure.

Third cyclist killed on London Cycle Superhighway, tipper lorry involved

A cyclist has been killed this afternoon on Barclays Cycle Superhighway CS2 in east London, the third cyclist to die on the route in a little over two years. Once again, a tipper lorry is reported to be the vehicle involved.

The incident that claimed the life of the male bike rider (later identified as hospital porter Brian Holt) took place on Mile End Road in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, reports the BBC. It happened at 4.38pm, according to the Metropolitan Police.

Boris Johnson admits riding bike without rear light

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has admitted to riding without a functioning rear light – and has promised to buy a new battery as a matter of priority to ensure it doesn’t happen again. He has also repeated his vow to ban rickshaw’s from the city’s streets.

The politician was pulled up on his rear-light faux pas by a caller to his regular Ask Boris phone-in show on London radio station, LBC 97.3.

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