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Boris Johnson guilty of "massive underspend" on budget for cycling in London, claims Green Assembly Member

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been accused of presiding over "a massive underspend" on cycling in London. Green Party Assembly Member Darren Johnson, who raised similar concerns last year, claims that since 2008 there has been a £150 million shortfall between the £588 million allocated to cycling and actual expenditure.

London and Paris mayors meet to discuss cycle safety

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson and his counterpart in Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, have met to share ideas about improving road safety in their respective cities, as well as swapping ideas regarding cycle infrastructure.

Following the meeting, which took place last Thursday, it was agreed that London's cycling commissioner, Andrew Gilligan, would visit Paris in February to see first hand the measures being taken there to make conditions safer for cyclists.

Boris Johnson shoots down “fantastically expensive” SkyCycle plan for cycle routes in the sky

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has poured cold water on the development of a so-called ‘Sky Cycle’ network of aerial cycle routes running above railway lines in the capital, describing the idea as “fantastically expensive” and outlining other measures he believes should take priority in improving the safety of cyclists.

Lord Foster takes on plans for London SkyCycle with 135 miles of elevated safe cyclist routes

London’s cyclists could race around the capital on specially built elevated cycleways at the height of a three storey building, should new plans drawn up by Lord Foster come into fruition.

Foster, the architect who masterminded the Millennium Bridge and Wembley Stadium, has created SkyCycle, a 135-mile network of streets that span 10 routes, accessed from 209 ramps across the city.

Foster says that SkyCycle would allow cyclists to raise their average speed from 10mph to 15mph in the city, protect their lives and cut journey times significantly.

Boris publishes London map with 60 miles of quiet backstreet cycle routes

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has published a map of quiet backstreet cycle routes connecting all areas of inner London with a view to collecting feedback from the public.

“Cycle streets” closed to other traffic, new routes by parks and sixty miles of backstreet “Quietways” are part of the proposed Grid.

Many of the new Quietway routes will run parallel to Tube lines or bus routes, with a “Circle Line Quietway” and a “Victoria Line Quietway” among the routes published today.

Barclays to end Boris Bike deal but SERCO contract to be extended - major overhaul of London's cycle hire scheme on the way?

Transport for London (TfL) and Barclays have confirmed that the bank’s sponsorship of the city’s Boris Bikes will come to an end in July 2015 – despite having announced in 2011 that they had agreed an extension to the initial contract that would take it through to 2018. Meanwhile, TfL's board is meeting today and is due to extend the contract of Scheme operator Serco, which also expires in 2015.

Boris Johnson criticised for downgrading dangerous junctions overhauls to 33 of a promised 100

Boris Johnson has pledged to make 33 dangerous junctions in London safer for cyclists, along with starting work on two major safe cycle highways for cyclists through the middle of the city by 2015.

He will also publish a network of quieter routes through backstreets for cyclists who are frightened of cycling around lorries.

"We are publishing the map of our new network of Quietways across Zone one, many of them following the lines of the Tube map,” he said in a speech this morning.

Updated: Boris Johnson backs down from claiming campaigners are putting people off cycling

Mayor of London Boris Johnson appears to have backed down from his planned comments warning that the focus on recent deaths ran the risk of putting people off cycling.

Speaking at a safety summit at City Hall bringing together cycle and haulage groups, Mr Johnson had planned to suggest campaigning groups needed to be “more careful” in how they spoke about cycling.

Survey shows scale of fear on London’s roads in wake of spate of cyclist deaths

More than 80% of London cyclists responding to a survey say they are more concerned about road safety than they were six months ago.

In the online survey conducted for the London Assembly’s Transport Committee, a statistically significant response base of nearly 6,000 people, of whom more than 90 per cent cycle in London, two-thirds of them daily, a significant number said they were cycling less.

22 per cent said they had decreased their number of trips by bike in the last six months, with 91 per cent of those saying it was due to safety fears.

Bristol's mayor George Ferguson backs rush-hour lorry ban

Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson says that lorries should be banned from the city centre during rush hour, describing them as a “menace.” The views of the first elected mayor of England’s sixth largest city contrast with those of Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who last month rejected a call from British Cycling policy advisor Chris Boardman to ban HGVs from cities during peak hours.

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